Wednesday, December 03, 2008

12/10 Day W/O Gays

Is anyone out there going to participate in this? I haven't heard or seen much hype about it and thus I don't think it will be very successful-- But I do hope it is. I am just not really financially fit to take a day off right now-- well I can use a personal day so maybe I will just take a day off.... ....I will definitely have to think about this one. I sure do want to call in gay though..that would be fun.......I am on the fence on this one...will have to see.


Princessa lil mexico said...

i am doing this.

A Lewis said...

I heard of it a few weeks ago. But nothing since then. I have no idea how widespread it will be. But there was some movie about a wedding being planned by a gay dude and the conservative father of the bride threw a they gay guy decided to do this same sort of was a great movie!

Mark in DE said...

In light of the potential lay offs everywhere, I don't think its a good time to be "calling in gay". To the contrary, everyone with a job should be doing it to the best of their ability so that if layoffs happen in their office, they won't be the 1st to be let go.

Mark :-)