Wednesday, December 24, 2008

White Christmas

Oldie but goodie..Not that I want a white Christmas as we have had enough of the white stuff already in Seattle! More snow falling again this morning! Uggggh!
But I do love this song! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


Scooter said...

Love it!!!

Can you believe this much snow in Seattle??? Other than a few dog tracks, our backyard is a blanket of white. Poor plants! We can't even find the steps leading up to our walkway in the front!

IAN said...

Merry Christmas to you the pups and the hubby! All the best for 2009

Kaio said...

Hi Rad,,
Have a great Christmas and a fantastic 2009!.
Cheers from London

WAT said...

Damn, Santa knows how to groove! LOL!

Your profile pic tells me that you sir are cute.


MAC said...