Sunday, January 11, 2009

We were out and about last night..Check out the 4More Band

Last night went out with my sisters--I have 2 sisters--I am the eldest and then we are all a year apart so we are very close as we grew up together and all was in High School and such together....We went bar hoping last night the old neighborhood (the suburbia of Renton) and since we all LOVE to dance we ended up going to a casino and had the greatest time dancing and this was the band that played....Hubby wants me to hire them for our next function LOL! So we are Recoupin today -we got home at 200 am!! As my mom would say....we really cut the rug last night!!! Here is a clip I found on you tube of the 4More band---they are pretty good for cover band and the lead singer Jennifer Newberry and the rest of the band was cool and very friendly! They came up and chatted and danced with us...Now excuse me as I go take a tylenol.....

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Crazy Eddie said...

Hey Rad. Remember me?? I'm back brother!!

Missed my favorite blogger buddies and just wanted to say wazzup!!

Still love your blog.


Crazy Eddie