Monday, March 02, 2009

Monday Blahs

Happy Monday--is it really Monday already? I have the blahs today. I had a busy weekend and it went by way to fast for me and I am back to work today and I am so thrilled---NOT! And please don't tell me how lucky I am to have a job.....If I hear that one more time I may blow a gasket.....I do know I am lucky to have a job......just a little tired of hearing everyone saying how lucky we all are if we have one......yada yada yada.......I know we are lucky.... so thanks! Now excuse me as I go back to working 3 peoples workload/positions since the other folks have been let go..... Anyhow I think this whole rant is due to my crazy mood swings which has been kinda all over the map these days..

Here goes...this is so hard for me to put into writing but I will try.....My mom who had battled with Lung Cancer 9 years ago and beat it.....was told a few weeks ago that her cancer had returned. So as of last week she is back into treatments which include radiation every day (except weekends) and today she has surgery to install her port so they can administer the chemo once a week- which starts tomorrow. This will go on for approx a month-- at least if her body can take it and responds well to it that is.....We are hopeful about all of this and think she can do it. After this first week she is already having a little trouble with with nausea and fatigue so we have to pray for her to have the strength for this battle ahead.

So the hubby and I have been spending allot of time with the folks and making sure they have our support and anything they need. This is the same as 9 years ago as we were there for them 24/7---back then mum was younger and had a more fighting spirit- this time she is having a harder time and her spirits are not as good so we are trying to make sure we do whatever we can for her and to get her spirits up so she can fight this. So hubby and I are the ones spending most of our time with them-- not that I am complaining as I love my parents and consider them to be in our circle of good friends. Plus all our friends love ma and pa.....So we just make sure to call often--visit and then take her out--anything to help keep her spirits up-get her mind off the whole drama for awhile and also give her a reason to fight and live......Yesterday we went out for Dim Sum Chinese lunch and a quick trip to Target-- Dad said she was good and he was happy to see her in better spirits as Friday and Sat I guess he said she was very sick and didn't leave the recliner and that had him worried a bit. So It was good to see her eat well ( her fave chicken chow mien) and then we did some errand shopping at Target...she hadn't been shopping all week so she needed a few things (she loves to shop)_ It was nice to see her smiling and happy and then eat a bunch at lunch as dad told me she had only eaten chicken soup on Friday and Saturday. I wanted her ready for this long week ahead.

I just wish my sisters would do a little something more for her-- at least visit once a week and or call a few times....its all so strange--9 years ago they sorta had an excuse as there kids was little but now they are all grown up and I think the youngest is 14--they still use kids as an excuse for being so busy and or-- colds and sickness- I just wish they would realize that they could really contribute to lifting her spirits a little more.....I just don't get it---I love my sisters but when it come to our mom-- they suck as daughters-- big time! Oh no... did I really just put that into print? Oh well...its the truth anyhow... I know they have reasons but personally I don't think any reason is valid or in anyway a good enough excuse when it come to your parents. You only get one mom....Cant you make it work a little for Christ sakes!


A Lewis said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so disappointed and sad to hear about your Mummy. Very disappointing news. I'm sure that you're a great son, and son in law!. As for the sisters, my experience in similar sort of situations has told me that I have to be the best I can be...period. My expectations of others who "should" be doing their part has fallen far short. If I fail at being my best, then it's my fault. Thinking of you.

ZenDenizen said...

Aww, I'm sorry to hear this sweetie :( It's great to hear how you and your supportive hubby are helping to lift her spirits though.

Alpha Omega said...

I will be happy to call your mom and cheer her up!

MAC said...

You'll be in our thoughts.

Princessa lil mexico said...

Stay strong!! your a great son! and your mother thanks you for that!

Keep it up tiger

Crazy Eddie said...

I feel terrible for you RAD. So sorry to hear that your mom had a relapse.

If your mom made it through the first time, your mom is tough enough to endure the second time. If she's anything like you she would make it through.

As for your blahs... I'm sure a large part of it is due to your mom's situation. It's naturally in the back of your mind. Take it easy my brother. Keep your mind busy with healthy, positive things. It will help your mom rebound.

Besos (and hugs)

Crazy Eddie said...
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Crazy Eddie said...
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Crazy Eddie said...
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