Thursday, March 05, 2009

More White Stuff
Spring is in the air! My Daffodil's are just about to bloom at any moment and the tulips are on its way too! Everything in the yard and garden is budding and getting ready to awaken! We also change our clocks this Sunday and spring ahead 1 hour. And then this morning I hear on the news that we are suppose to have more of the white stuff in Seattle! Yes... that four letter word.....SNOW and cold weather headed our way! What the.......

Well at least I have pics like this to warm my thoughts....


A Lewis said...

Just yesterday I saw LOTS of crocus in full bloom and some baby daffodils too. The thing I didn't see was that dude in the white....reminds me another trip to the gym is in order.

The Pansy Bastard™ said...

Daffs? I'm at least a month away for mine here in Iowa.

CJ said...

They are in full bloom here but I'll take some fo the white stuff. Send that jet stream my way.

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