Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Gay Dar Was Buzzin Big Time.
During the movie Top Gun

Im back! The cruise weekend was very cool and I am still catching up and recouping. So while cruising on Saturday afternoon I was about to take a little cat nap in my stateroom before dinner when on the tele the movie Top Gun came on....I totally got sucked in with all those handsome top guns and enjoyed the movie as I hadn't seen it in sometime....My gay dar however was going berserk each time Tommy and Kelly came on screen!! I remember how I thought the love scene between them was so awkward and tense and it gave me a vibe of awkward and tense. Now this week I see Top Gun and L Word actress Kelly McGillis says she is "definitely [looking for] a woman...So I guess she has come out and says she is done with the man thing....I wonder when Mr Tom Cruise will admit he has that man thing? tee he he!

Watch the interview HERE.


Mark in DE said...

I've never gotten gaydar bleeps from Tom Cruise. I don't understand that, since everyone else seems to.

CJ/Rick said...

Well when I saw the tidbit on Google I was hoping it was Tom but I knew I was being lured with that intention.
Well she's got kids now so she can try something else.
Glad to see you back in business. I missed you.