Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Make Me a Supermodel's Ronnie Kroell
In Playgirl
Remember Ronnie Kroell? Oh how I loved that bromance between he and BEN on Make Me A Supermodel...Well I'm sure you have seen all over the web these days the Ronnie is in Playgirl shoot....Shall we say he has ALOT to show off...Puts Levi to shame...Now whatever happen to Ben?? That's what I want to know!


behrmark said...

If I haven't told you I love your blog...and the men you showcase! Thanks for brightening my days! Behr Hugs!

Michael Rivers said...

I've never heard of him, but he is sexy!

CJ/Rick said...

Damn I need cable. He is hot. I never saw any pics of Levi. Did he not measure up?

Rob T said...


Congrats on your blog, it's a nice one. Let me know if you'd like to swap links.


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Fortune Blogger said...
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