Friday, July 16, 2010

Giddy Up!
Its the weekend!
Time to round up!

Well the weekends here, weather is fine and dandy and we have been invited to many events, parties and shin digs this weekend. I want to be a good boy and partake in all of them and will try for sure...Except I wont be doing Karaoke tonite princess! well maybe....

Thinking of mom this am and how she would of loved tomorrows Hawaiian festival. Its the oldest one in the area and we started going to it back in the 80's....When not many Hawaiians was even in the area.... Last year hubby and I took her and she had a great time. It will be very hard to see all of her friends and colleagues tomorrow. alot of them were at her service but I know many that was not will be seen tomorrow. I will put on a brave face and REPRESENT as she would of wanted it that way. I am proud of my culture and she was proud of it and she was so very well known in the community. So I will get my hula on tomorrow for sure. Here I go tearing up yet again... So I will just say....Have a wonderful weekend y'all.....

Photos from this months OUT magazine...I LOVED this Viva Las Vegas spread!

Photography by Matthias Vriens-McGrath
Styling by Grant Woolhead

This one below is one of my faves!


Princessa lil mexico said...

Whether or not If you come tonight, I know you will be there in Spirit! Plus it would mean a lot to Sam if you did! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Your mum must have been so special, because she sure did raisew one hell of a good guy;)

Go o the festival, represent, remeber...and if you need a cry, have one...your mum will be right beside you in spirit' ;)


queer heaven said...

Hope you had a great time! BTW I like your new blog look...very classy.