Friday, July 09, 2010

The "other" Husband
Mr Derrick Davenport
Needed my fave of faves today ... he ALWAYS cheers me up....I just love this man......I am looking forward to a nice weekend of rest, warm sunshine and some R and R for me and my head.....Hope yours goes well too.. xoxo Rad


Anonymous said...

Ummmmm that pic did anything but make me

I hope your weekend brings you peace, rest and joy;)

hugs friend

behrmark said...

I can see why he's your fav of faves!!

Kevin said...

hey, did you see my 4th of july post starring our husband?


Dean Grey said...

He is doing so much MORE than cheering me up right now!


Anonymous said...

Derrick is one if my favorites too but what is he up to recently? I have not seen anything new from him in years. Everything on the Internet is all old pictures of him. Does anyone know where I might find any new pics/info/website of Derrick Davenport? Thanks