Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Diamonds are a girls
I mean a boys best friend....
Mr Derrek Diamond-- More here. NSFW!! I love this guy and even more with the fuzzy face... HOT!

Its Tuesday..... Was under the weather yesterday. More than anything I just needed a mental health day big time. Back to work today and its blah blah blah! Have some medical stuff going on at the end of the week that I am not looking forward too AT ALL. I told you all about how I was a butt model last week for the doc. Well now its the colonoscopy this Thursday. I heard the actual procedure isn't so bad... its the 2 days prior-- the prep that is super el yucko....Drinking that stuff you have to drink is really bad I guess.... Yikes!


A Lewis said...

Always the temptress, aren't we?

A Lewis said...

And, besides, I know very well that you'd accept rubies or emeralds.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Any gems witll make me happy has ling as they are good quality and big. This man is HOT.
Hope you are feeling better.