Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SNL Finale with Lady Gaga and JT....

JT was again top notch as he hosted the season finale of Saturday Night Live over the weekend with Lady Gaga. This was his fourth hosting gig and he had a number of established characters that he brought back.!! His " Omelet" mascot, who asked people to “ Bring it on down to Omeletteville,” became a bottle of beer promoting “Liquorville.” Gaga got into the act, becoming a wine mascot with a cork on her head. Timberlake reunited with former cast member and current late night host Jimmy Fallon for “The Barry Gibb Talk Show.” As as usual it was funny as ever and Fallon was top notch as usual and funny as ever!

Lady Gaga and Timberlake went head to head in the sketch “What’s That Name.” Of course Gaga provided a "moment" of the show, when she donned a pregnant belly and gave birth to gold liquid during her performance of “Born This Way. WTF!!! So Gaga! I suggest hulu or NBC to catch all the sketches if you missed show over the weekend.... But my fave has to be the follow-up to “Motherlover” and “Dick in a Box.” Jt -Andy Samberg and Gaga got close in a new short called Threeway (the golden rule) ... GREAT stuff ......see it here.

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becca said...

i missed the season finale dang it bet these two were great together