Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Magzine Reading Pleasures
Well I have to admit we have really recessionized our magazine subscriptions this year. I have kept my EW, Instinct, Sunset and OUT mags. We actually get 3 OUTS per month for some insane reason as somehow we got 2 free subsections and so I pass off the extra issues to friends. We got rid of so many others as I think at one time we had 8 plus mags coming in the mail. I got rid of all the fashion and gossip mags. We get our gay news, fashion and such from OUT and Instinct. Then my garden, design and all things west from my SUNSET which I adore.

This was last week issue of EW and I have to say EW is a very good keep. It gives you the latest in TV, film, music and so much more. Its great and its a perfect cliff note version on a weekly basis for all things media... it just rocks... I highly recommend it. Had to mention it as I loved the Jason Bateman cover a few weeks ago. He is such an everyday guy and that is so refreshing these days. I wonder what his sister Justine is up to these days?


BosGuy said...

Jason Bateman... I'll always think of the 80s when I see this guy. Love him.

DeepBlue said...

I loved Justine in "Family Ties". My favorite. If I were straight... oh... never mind! ;)

Anonymous said...

have always loved him...so cute

becca said...

wow takes me back to being a teenager with a crush

Everyday Life

miky said...

Hi man! Love your blog! Pleas consider links / banners xchange with mine!