Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some new NICK YOUNGQUEST pics I came across recently. How you all doing? He is so good looking so I just had to share.... I have been so busy and havent had time to blog or the energy to do it-- I guess I am in a blog slump.....I could make the time but just have other issues in my head going on. I cant pinpoint it but I am not in a bloggin mood these days--- I wonder sometimes if I should end it but then I keep it and lay off for while--this has happened before in years past---I get in a slump then whammo I come back with more passion-- so bear with me as I feel some passion is getting ready to explode again soon! :-)

Alika is doing ok...We spent the weekend at the beach over the holiday weekend and he did ok...We had to use a baby stroller alot to get him around the beach as he does not have the energy to run and walk alot...He did trot around but nothing like he used to at the beach.....Its just a fucked up thing and hubby and I are kinda numb about it all- We kinda are just not facing the fact about losing him...Well we are just having a hard time accepting it....I just wait day by day and make sure he is happy. Its just a shitty situation. I am heartbroken over it.

Had family from Hawaii here the 2 weeks prior the the holiday weekend. They stayed with us for a week and went on a Alaska cruise for one too--so the week here we played tour guides to all the sights of Seattle- It was nice to spend time with them---It was a little strange to have 5 women stay with us though-- I think that is a first-- We sure went through ALOT of toilet paper! LOL! Well just wanted to catch you up on a few things--yes RAD is alive....Time to go check out all my fave blogs! Heres one more of Nick..... Y to the YUMMY man!


Anonymous said...

Take a break but don't give up! We'd miss you too much. PS Mr. Youngquest is YUMMY! Mmm mmm mmm! (adjusting my crotch right about now!)

Jeremy Ryan said...

Glad to hear that you had fun at the beach and that your doggy is still making it. I know it's tough and what you are going through. This is the one part of pet ownership that sucks. I will keep you, your dog and partner in my thoughts and prayers.

Love the JGL photos, he looks pretty hot.