Thursday, June 27, 2013


So I have mentioned this before-- I have a thing for just normal white briefs-- as well as any 
thermal underwear....Lets just say I go ape shit over it.....HAWT HAWT HAWT!  So Im going 
to start something new on my blog-- lets hope I can keep it up....Tighty Whitey THURSDAYS!   I think this is going to be fun.....mmmm mmmm good  


behrmark said...

Looking forward to Tighty Whitey Thursdays!!

Anonymous said...

zI think the pair in the 1st photo are looking at both tighty and whitey in the rear view mirror and going 100 miles an hour. NOT that I'm complaining - I love a good worked pair of brief like that.

Thermals? Well I guess you weren't going to be seeing any of those in Hawaii.

enrico19 said...

I used to work at a truckstop and in the summer many truckdrivers would drive in their tighty whities. What a thrill it was when I was washing their windshields!
Ever since then I have had a thing about driving nude or in my underwear. Also like to collect pictures of other guys doing the same.