Wednesday, August 30, 2006

51 Year Couple..

So how fricken cute is this?...You know there are tons of gay couples like this and it only gets better these days as more couples feel comfortable being together in our society and not having to hide it like they did in the we hopefully gain more rights...Its getting better and not worst--so just make sure you are all active and if you can very visible in your daily lives!!... And for those ass holes that send me hate mail via this blog- and tell me to ask for gods forgiveness and that Im going to hell etc etc--Please stop reading my blog and go back to your god bless this and that blog that you should be reading.....Just go away you closet cased ignorant bigots!! My relationship with god is personal and has nothing to do with you.... I hope Jeff and I can have a poster like this in our older age and it says married 20 plus years!!!

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