Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Shes My Karen and Im her Jack
Shes My Grace and Im her Will

So this is my darling Tammy-
We had so much fun in high school and were the best of friends..We both had stars in our eyes back then and enjoyed dreaming of what our lives would be like when we grew up... We would write letter after letter to each other and talk and talk and gossip and gossip and dream and dream....We really did pretty good--except Im not famous like I thought I would be---give me time it may still happen.....But she really was my Grace--but back then she was my Pamela Ewing and I was her Bobby...She was My Jennifer Hart and I her Jonathan Hart..good times for sure!! If you were an asshole in school you would be max the dog or her favorite put down back then--an imbecile that perturbed us!!

Every boy has his very special girl...And shes mine...Im just so happy that I have been able to have her re appear in my life!! Its fun to be able to share our lives and further our wonderful friendship even more and add more chapters....She has a fabulous husband "Jim" who I adore and 4 kids!!! Chris, Kiya, Jordan and Maile....Kudos to this very hot mama and living like the Waltons in today's day and age! She even lives on a big property in the sticks!!! goodnight Granny!! goodnight Mary Ellen- Come and snuggle with me John Boy!!

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Anonymous said...

This is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said. You are sooooo sweet and I have loved you for an eternity. You can add.....your my Anthony and I'm your Charlotte York. "I say a little prayer for you".....together,'ll stay in my heart and I will love you forever and ever........