Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ginch Gonch Undies and a suitcase of used underwear.......

So I remember a few years ago I went and got my hunny Jeff a pair of the original fire truck Ginch Gonch skivies and a pair for myself --the star boxer--this must of been at least 2- 3 years ago... It brought back memories of my old underoos and at the time Jeff and elaborated on how cool they were and that they should make more fun mens underwear--well maybe I should of got to buying some material right then and there! Sewing and whipping out some underoo undies for men from my garage! These men underwears has been getting really popular these last few years! Look at the success Ginch has had---

I will never forget how my friends went bonkers over the fact that I purchased some underwear that I think was something like $28 each at the time....Im just glad some fun undies are back...Its the one thing we boys know....good looking underwear....and its nice to see firetrucks, lizards and western prints and such on them. I really would rather have a man in his underwear then nude as its all about the package its wrapped in eh?

I have fast short story for you--back in the day when I was working at a certain establishment
.. A nice older gentleman would come in frequently to chat-he was a dirty old man in his 60's at the very least and I was still spring chicken at 21....He was nice enough though and just wanted attention.. I didn't mind chatting with him as I was and like to think Im still a pretty freindly and nice fella. Anyhow.... one day he comes in with this suitcase and opens it for me... It was full of a very wide assortment of mens underwear! Used mind you....He was a collector of them--his fetish! He then asked me for mines--- well I gave him my Black Calvins without hesitation that very day...I felt kinda cool that I was asked to added to his collection at the time but also thought it was a strange habit as the time......This is a true story!!! I bet he used to dump them on himself as he--well you know...Sounds like a good time to me now but back when I was 21 I thought it was so vulgar! Boy was I a young prude...Now days I am thinking-- maybe I should start my own suitcase?

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