Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Pick is Travis Wall
Go Travis Go! I hope that Travis prevails and wins On So You Think You Can Dance....Though I think it may be a stiff competition against the kissing cuzzins firecracker Heidi and nerdy Benji. Check out the finale Wednesday nite on FOX...It should be alot of fun as all the dancers will be back---Cant wait to see my other favorites! Dimitry and Ivan....ok...so I have turned into one of those dreadful screaming teenage girl fans...yikes!!! Lets bring it back to the reality--Check out his nice ass and crotch shot on my boy above.... Hey Travis... We can waltz anytime! BTW--first stop on tour is here in Seattle! I think I have to get some tickets and bring some earplugs..... Never Mind checked and its sold out ...bummer!

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