Thursday, August 31, 2006

Too Much Awesomeness.. Blog

So One of my favorite blogs that I have to visit daily to make me chuckle and put a smile on my fat face is Gina at Gina Bruce Loves It....

There is a blog I happen to notice Gina enjoys and I am having such a scream reading it...very funny!!! it makes me laugh my fat ass off...Check it out..its called Too Much Awesomeness..

xoxo Fat Errol


Gina Bruce said...

Thanks Sexy - I'm so happy you loves it.

You're not fat, you're just not a gay robot. Life your life like a fucking Dove commercial - Love the skin your in. Or that you may be docking in.... who am I to judge?


Awesomeness said...

Aw! Thanks so much for the link! I am so excited that you like the site! LOVES YA!