Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fashion House 9/05/06..

Im so excited on this show!!! Catfights return to the screen in the upcoming show Fashion House--- bitchy divas--Morgan Freeman and Bo Derek slapping each other and slugging it out among bare-chested male models. This is going to be so much fun!!! Check out the links below fo some slapping good time...

This daily, one-hour drama stars iconic actress and internationally renowned sex symbol Bo Derek as Maria Gianni, a cutthroat fashion mogul who rules the fashion world and runs her company Gianni, Inc. with an iron fist. Never one to take “no” for an answer, Maria spares no one, including her family, of her rage. Accustomed to receiving whatever she pleases, Maria is suddenly whirled into a life of uncertainty, blackmail and despair at the hands of a tangled love triangle that puts her life’s work in jeopardy. Natalie Martinez is Michelle Miller, an unfulfilled wife who forgoes her ambition of becoming a fashion designer but puts herself first and realizes her dream when she discovers her husband Lance, played by Mike Begovich, has been cheating on her. Taylor Kinney portrays Maria’s son Luke Gianni, a talented aspiring artist who has lived in the shadow of his mother’s power but develops a new sense of purpose for his art after meeting Michelle. Donna Feldman plays Gloria, a sexy gold digger who gets what she wants and is having an affair with Lance. Film legend Tippi Hedren stars as Doris, Gloria’s caring mother. Nicole Pulliam is Nikki Clark, a high-power Gianni, Inc. supermodel afraid of losing her appeal who keeps a close eye on any up-and-coming models. “Fashion House” also stars Joel Berti as William, a well educated, yet vindictive man that built his empire from scratch and uses his malevolence against Maria; and Garrett Swann plays Harold, while Tony Tripoli is Hans, Gianni Inc. designers who have had their share of success, but that luck is quickly fading

Now this is going to be one of the very best show on TV least for me!

Good preview
Way Better preview


celia said...

I am so looking forward to this show. I saw the pilot a few weeks ago (friend of mine works at Fox) and it was a riot! Yeah, everyone looks hot, but the plotlines and dialogue are hysterical. And the two gay characters in the show seem to be the only sane ones - everyone else is so over the top.

rod said...

Morgan Fairchild