Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Angora Wabbitt

So I have never seen a Angora rabbit--OMG!!! Goggle Angora Rabbit and get all kinds of this and that.....Lots of cute ones...This particular Angora reminds me of someone and I cant say who..LOL!!! I think its the hair...We had 2 wabbitts growing up --Whitey and Blackie--Whitey must of been like 25 pounds ...all our crazy Hawaiian and Portuguese relatives wanted to take them and make them into rabbit stew---the heartless bastards!--they were my sisters and I's pets so I hated when they said that anyhow they used to run around the yard and eat grass and weeds and they never ran off and we didnt have a fence or anything ..they were nice and liked us....Well I think my uncle Sonny got them and did indeed eat them though my parents never told us when we moved to Seattle---I hate the thought of that .....Hmm....I would like to have a wabbitt again ..not sure an Angora one.... but I think I would like to live on a farm too with chickens and roosters and horses and pigs and and and,,can I also have some smoking hot farm hands too please please! Hey Caleb..I need you in the barn to help me out for a sec......

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