Monday, September 11, 2006

Taylor Kinney

Have you been able to check out "Fashion House" on the new MyNetwork? Stud Taylor Kinney is one good looking dude and seems like such a nice guy too! I happen to have a little crush on his best friend on the show--- the photographer--- but he isnt listed as a cast member yet and I cant find out who he is ....his name!.... ..hes a hottie too! I hope I can keep up with ths show now that the new shows are in full force this week! One gripe I have about this show and the other at 8pm ---Desire----is that they do major recaps ALOT of them..... I think 30 minutes of each show is recaps and least if you miss 5 episodes you can catch right back up in one with all the flashbacks they do! LOL.


Jenny said...

You're absolutely right about the flashbacks....I was thinking the same thing....I missed a couple episodes this week but didn't freak because I knew I'd either catch up the next night by seeing all the flashbacks, or watch the recap episode on Saturday! I don't mind, as long as I see Taylor - he's the most beautiful man that I've ever seen on TV. And the photograher is not too bad himself (I don't remember his name either, sorry.)

mr tickle said...

hi, rad ass, chanced upon your blog searchin for taylor kinney, you know what homo? found out the photographer's name on wikipedia: robert buckley
link is:
go take a look at his interview on (link on wikipedia page), it's wicked.
like your blog... it's so rad ass