Monday, September 18, 2006


So Jeff and I watched Nip Tuck for the first time last night and enjoyed it...ALOT! Looks like another show to add to our long list of addictions..So far nothing on Sunday nights so we thought we would give it a shot--it was perfect!!! We were treated to some nice ass last night for sure---its all over the blogs today--how funny! Thad was playing a gay-for-pay hottie on this week's episode... Things got very tense when he made a play for (bicurious?) Dr. Christian Troy ... Gosh ...looks like this seasons going to be full of male hotness!! Im sure you have seen the Mario Lopez pics comming up in a episode later this season in that shower scene ...Im excited to get hooked on this show and it should be easy---that's a given!

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M- Filer said...

Must be a re-run. Which season?