Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mr GAY UK 2006

A policeman has been crowned Mr Gay UK after parading in his uniform and stripping in his underwear to secure the title.
PC Mark Carter, 23, who had the full backing of West Yorkshire Police, said he was "over the moon" after picking up the award, billed as the male equivalent of Miss Great Britain.
He is expected to have a year of personal appearances and photo shoots ahead of him after beating off 25 other contestants in the final at Blackpool's Flamingo Club to win £5,000 worth of prizes.
He said: "Two years ago I used to cry myself to sleep at night, I was so daunted by the prospect of coming out, but when i did, it was the best thing ever.
"I was so happy I could finally be myself. I thought telling people I was gay would mean no one would want to know me, but at the Mr Gay UK final, I had more people together, supporting me, in one place than I've ever had in my life."
The policeman, who lives in Bradford but works on patrol in Huddersfield, had earlier told how his main reason for entering the competition was to "change the public perception of the stereotypical gay man."

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