Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Trousersnake Plays Tag....

Tag Eriksson is Trousersnakes and Cameron new buddy.. It makes sense that celebrity couple Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake would want to deal with an award-winning real estate broker when looking for property in New York City. But did they ask what kind of awards? RadarOnline.com reports that their home hunter, 6-foot 5-inch tall Fredrik Eklund, a 29-year-old native of Sweden, won his award for best solo scene in a gay porn film. That’s our kind of real estate agent! Better known to many as “Tag Eriksson,” Eklund made six gay pornos, including Training Camp I and II, Desert Pick-Up 2, American Porn Star, and The Hole (a spoof of The Ring). Now his high-profile real estate activity is netting him mainstream press including mentions in the New York Times, Post, and Observer as well as New York magazine, but not a one mentions his other talents. Neither Eklund nor reps for the Diaz-Timberlake camp would remark on the house-hunt—or if they’re working together—but we’re ready to give props to Cam and J.T. if their agent’s porn past doesn’t frighten them away. (And even more if they rent The Hole.)

Info reported and taken from Out Magazine


Anonymous said...
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Gina Bruce said...

Ok - The Hole is good. But I think Lord of the CockRings is best... especially with a main character named Dildo Buggers. I mean come on, it's so deliciously EASY.