Monday, October 02, 2006


Shoshana Bean as Elphaba

Megan Hilty as Glinda

Saw WICKED last night and I though I have seen my share of shows--this by far is my new all time favorite for sure! I simply loved it. My inner B way gay is back in full force! Meqan is originally from Bellevue Wash-- Shoshana from Olympia Wash and Jennifer Walden as Nessarose is from Portland Oregon.. Lots of Northwest talent! I had such a wonderful time and Megan ( LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GAL!) and Shoshana made me a firm new WICKED addict! Got to see Sadie at the intermission...She was grinning from ear to ear ( so was I, I was also red eyed from so many happiness crys) She was happy to inform me she goes to the same theater art camp as Shoshana in Olympia-- I told her that I expect to see her on Broadway soon!

Imagine a nation that uses fear-mongering to cow its people and cynically exploits differences in color and race to demonize its minority citizens. Imagine a government that uses national calamity to impinge upon citizens' rights and portrays opponents as evil and treacherous. Imagine a land of shrinking diversity and expanding intolerance that justifies its actions in the name of a contented, unquestioning majority.
Of course, that sounds like innumerable nations throughout history, from Ancient Egypt to -- well, you fill in the blank. The minority victims might be Jews, Asians, Native Americans, blacks, gays, or talking animals and Munchkins.

Those last two groups are targeted in the Land of Oz as realized in WICKED

Arguably, Wicked is the most overtly political musical since The Cradle Will Rock. Indirect references to the United States -- the Wizard, remember, is from the U.S. of A!

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