Friday, November 17, 2006


Wet rain is gone for now..No more flooding in the basement

So we are happy to report the rain has stopped in the last few days-- and after the damm basement which flooded twice--Jeff and I cleaning it all up--moving all items to the basement and at the same time sloshing in water screaming at each other packing everything into the garage...Savaging what we can-- thousands of $ spent so far ...Getting the fricken place dry so we don't have mold and such developing and growing ...tonite they are pulling the last humidifier and fans out of the basement-- Cant wait for that... Then come the bills--thousand $ bills-- I am sure I will poop my bbds....or shall I say my ginches gos when I get the electric bill and the fan rental bill.....Oh well....I can always look forward to the remodel-- I hated that green carpet anyhow....

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