Friday, November 17, 2006

Its getting CLOSER!

Christmas is right around the bend and I really enjoy this time of year as I think most of us do--but for the homo it means a few things that make most of us scream in delight--

Things like shopping- spending money- dressing up-getting gifts- socializing- fun holiday party's- winter SEX-- but most importantly the DECORATING!

And so like most fabulous rad ass homos I decorate our home and get it dressed up in its finest so its looking good for the holiday she must look presentable, divine and perfect for all our holiday visitors! However does take a certain person to transform a house into the look of pure hoilday festivity and it seems that most of us homos have that magic touch...I have to wonder why we do?-- I just don't get it?....I mean why doesnt the straight girl have it?.... ( ok I hear all my straight girl readers- if I have any! ha, ha --- moaning about this ....but let me give you gals a hint--potpourri is not "in" anymore and your nutcrackers are so very 80's--please get with it girl).... So my inquiring mind wants to know ---Why do most homos have the fabulous decorator gene? No complaints really I was just wondering....

I went to a fellow buds blog today that I visit quite often..He went on about how he hasn't been bloggin lately and that he was sorry for being away for a bit--it sucked that I was deprived of cock and ass shots for a few days but it was livable--anyhow he was sorry as he has been really busy decorating 4 trees in his house! That didnt even include his other pics of full garlands , trains, topararys, candles, santa collection, and and and and ! All I can say is Kudos to all you girls out there that design your asses off like this...I loves it!

I do decorate the house in full festive Christmas ---but not as much as we have seen in some homes--We have one tree not 2 not 3 or 4--just 1! In the last few years we have been to some other family homes for the traditional holiday gatherings--you know....Holiday Cocktail Party- Holiday Lets Bake and Get Baked Night Party (of course with the good stuff)--Caroling Night Party- Winter Orgy Party--etc etc-

Wow.... some of us really go all out for Christmas and really get into it all-- Jeff and I don't get too crazy at Christmas---I think we are worst at other times of the year and spend more than we shoud all the time! so we are low key when it comes to gifts-- we believe it should be something you need--not just because its Christmas--- Its about the season-- and the the govt and reatailers want us to spend spend spend and alot of folks get caught up in that.... Yes... you know who you are with your 3 fully decorated x mas trees in Kent--- and you know who you are --the ones that opens all 35 gifts to each other on Christmas eve....hey...whatever floats your craft man...

This year I decided to get rid of most of our Christmas items--I have wanted to do this for a few years --it was really hard as some of its a bit sentimental..but heck it was time for a new look so I did it....So the plan is the 3 T's.... Tasteful, traditional and we have a plan and an idea on the look we are going for--I will make sure to post it when I get it done.

BTW ---You wont see a tinsel tree like the rage is I told my friends-- it will just end up at this next or the following years summer yard sale for $5--its such a fad..

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