Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Im off on a Biz Trip..
Victoria and Vancouver BC here I come....

Tomorrow am....Clipper ferry to Victoria BC-Hope I dont get sick I hate these little boats.

All day tours--Tea Time at the Empress--
Yummy! I love that Prince Charles and Diana did the honeymoon thing here at the Empress! I cant wait to sip tea and eat crackers and little finger foods how fun...

Royal Museum- Boring!

Hotel Site Inspectioions- Boring

Butchart Garden Tour-
Cant wait for this--check out the pics..its a Christmas Lights explosion right now. Right up my alley!

Ferry to Vancouver BC- Overnight Vancouver BC...Fairmont Hotel--Thats good

Thursday all day tours-

Lunch will be fun at Grosse Mtn...I think its snowing so that will be nice...then its Amtrak train back to Seattle---Short but fast trip....

So see ya all later gators! Touch back with ya on Friday... xoxo Rad

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