Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Portuguese Power!

Isn't this gal gorgeous! Jeff and I can’t get enough of this gal…Nelly Furtado is just fricken awesome…Her latest cd has been a staple to listen to on our I-pod for months now, she is from this Pacific Northwest area, Victoria BC to be exact which is just a short ferry ride over to Vancouver Island. I remember we had gone to shop, do tea time at the Empress and you know just a quick weekend getaway a few years ago…It was when she was a newcomer with her hot song” I’m Like A Bird” ...Well this Portuguese hottie has sure improved with this latest CD. My moms even got into the action. My mom who is pure blooded Portuguese is so very proud of her heritage—Really our whole family always has been and so she had to have a copy when she found out about her and my niece had her as a ring tone as well …so we had to get her the cd…My mom and my sister have that good looking Portuguese thing going for them—they can be really fair skinned and then turn up the tan if they are in the sun—and they have those really emerald green eyesyup very HOT! I on the other hand got the brown eyes—but at least I have the same skin. I can get light in the winter unless I cheat and go to the tan booths and then I bronze in any sunshine above 60 degrees! LOL! Every boy and girl that I have become serious with has had light light eyes...Hmmm.... I wonder why???

It hard to believe now growing up in Hawaii I was called hauoli boy or (how-lee) which pretty much means white boy in Hawaiian due to being fair skinned in school. I think I have changed with age....My mother came from a pure blooded Portuguese family. She was the youngest of 6—they all married Portuguese as my Granny didn't allow them to marry out of race... Hawaiian, Irish, German , Japanese etc…they had to be pure blooded Pocho…Well my mother was the first to break that rule and married a Hawaiian Chinese man….So thus my siblings and I were a first in a large Portuguese family-- of HAPA Hauoli -or mixed children---Now of course it seems everyone in the islands are hapa. Ok so now I miss my Granny. Makes me want to go back to home to the islands….now

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