Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ugly Betty is tops!

Anybody out there crazy about
Ugly Betty as I? I started to do a post about them last week and saved it in my OUT came in the mail this weekend and has them on the cover.... Becki Newton as Amanda and Michael Urie as Marc has filled the shoes of Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally's Jack and Karen now that no Will & Grace has departed in my opinion. I particularly enjoy Betty's twelve-year-old gay nephew, Justin on the show. I mean in one episode Justin receives a football uniform from his dad as a gift...hes not interested in it at all--well except the jock cup---He puts it up to his face and runs around the room saying "Look at me look at me I'm the Phantom Of The Opera!" I Love it.... and where else can you hear Vanessa Williams who plays bad ass Wilhelmina Slater (who upon decided on who to let go at the agency) tells her assistant Marc -- you just want to save Amanda as she's your BEARD! And now we now have Ms. Rebecca Romijn playing a woman who used to be a man (the former brother, now sister, of the editor-in-chief of the magazine-who happens to be HOT as hecks Eric Manibus!) mixed into the fun! You simply have to check it out! it is so campy and gay....

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Kelly said...

I just got the new Entertainment Weekly and she is on the cover of it too... Love me some Betty!