Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sean William Scott
Southland Tales
How flippin hot is this man.....He gets better with age...This new movie Southland Tales I guess is a big snore--with the Rock and Sarah Gellar (Buffy) .....super bad reviews---but it will be worth the rental for this hunk of burning love! Hes a keeper! Looking good Sean!!!


Lewis said...

So, do we actually have to watch the movie? Or can we just, maybe, get some nudies of him to hang up in our bedrooms???

Shirley Heezgay! said...

SWS captured my attention the second he showed up on screen in American Pie.

Mark in DE said...

I've had a crush on him since "Dude, where's my car?" Oddly, I didn't remember him from "American Pie".


CJ said...

He is hot and I bet he's more so in bed. But doesn't he belong to Mr. Geffen? Can't stop me from dreaming though.

RAD Homo said...

Yes..Thats what I have heard as well..that he is Geffens boy..Just like Tommy Cruise was back in the day....CJ knows his stuff!! All I know is that he makes me hot under the collar and in my bvds!!

Greg said...

Yes, a very fine, hot man.

Gina Bruce said...

ummmm. Yeah. He's freaking hot. But then again, you usually have top-notch taste, E.

I miss you - sorry I've been "absent". Hope you and your are well this holiday season.

On another SWS note - my brother saw him a few times in a neighborhood grocery store in LA when they lived there. He said the ass is AMAZING in a pair of Adidas trackies, just impossibly high and bubbly and begging to be spanking and (in my own imagination) bitten.