Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol

My fast recap...

Kristy Lee Cook gave the worst performance this season! Or maybe in many seasons! Chikezie rocked it and was majorly praised by the judges with his performance. Fillipina cutie Ramiele Malubay may be the one going home tomorrow though, she has a nice voice but bad song choice made it super duper borino!

And finally, the biggest shocker was poor baby boy David Archuleta who choked under the pressure. Poor dear forgot his words...The rest of them did pretty good......but your guess is as good as mine.......
Goodbye to Kristy Lee Cook-- Sorry Selma Oregon gal...but you are my pick to go home......back to your beautiful town of 500....Sorry but your performance was the worst ever! YUCK! It would of been 100% better slowed down but still country.

Jason Castro-- good job dude!-- same dreamy style but do watch out you may get stuck in a style rut! Was I the only one that saw all the BUGS and FLIES spinning around the back side of his DRED HAIR having a frenzy in his interview? I know some of you caught that last night!....Please Jason for the 3rd time please think about getting rid of that thing! Bugs are wanting to nest in that sucker..

Chikezie....WHO KNEW? TERRIFIC!!!!..Chi rocked the house.....I loved it--Maybe now you will build a fan base dude!

Carly Smithson and David Archuleta- I am predicting early-- this is my final 2 picks...but you never of them rocker boys or that rocker gal might come up the backside if David cant keep it together! But Carly should be in the final.....Go David go!

last note.......any one notice all the feedback on last nights episode as well? At one point it sounded like Paula passed a big fartolla! And man was the gay vibe big last night with the exchanges with all of them razzing each other-innuendos up the ying yang was flying....I bet Ryan would like to wear those high heel shoes! He was kinda flabbergasted too!


Mark in DE said...

I agree that Kristy Lee Cook's performance was "dreadful", as Simon would say. But I disagree about Jason Castro. His singing is very amateurish in my opinion, and he's only getting by on this looks. I really like Ramiele's voice, but I fear she just doesn't know how to "bring it" to her performances.

Randy, Paula, and Simon are a joke and a huge waste of time.

Mark :-)

Lewis said...

I especially liked the "Shut up, Paula" comment from Mr. Loud Mouth. In spite of the fact that he is normally right on with his comments, he is definitely an arrogant rude smart-ass SOB. I thought there were several brilliant performances last night. But is definitely a separation of the sheep and goats taking place....starting tonight!