Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Matt Kirkham
I swear the above photo set of Matt Kirkham ( I only posted one above - I know you have all seen the rest many times already!) is the best ever-- I think have posted a number of pics from that set at least 3 times or more now. Went searching today for more pics of Matt and came across these below which I haven't seen posted around much..... Was just in the mood for some Matt.....Enjoy! Doesnt he look so much younger in these?


Mark in DE said...

He's gorgeous, and a former Crush du Jour! But I prefer him 'natural' rather than shaved/waxed.

Mark :-)

CJ said...

Now that's a matt I could wipe my feet on and use and abuse in many ways. :)

larry said...

how could i have missed this gorgeous creature???

Anonymous said...

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