Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Movie
I got roped in to the Twilight mania that has been going on and about to explode alot more when the movie is released next week. After months of my gal pals all over the world ranting and raving about the books and the whole series ( some of them have read them multiple times) I finally picked up the book (received many weeks ago from a friend) and started reading it on Monday. I must admit it is pretty good book and definitely a modern day vampire love story. I can see why girls and women all over the world is going ga ga over it. Its kinda like how I would imagine an updated harlequin romance would be. I do look forward to the movie that opens next Friday and for what I have seen clip wise of the movie it should be doing the book justice. So get ready for some Twlight mania as who is not into vampires anyhow-- I love it and being romanced by a very attractive vampire named Edward is a bonus indeed!!


Scooter said...

I don't know what it is...but I love vampire stuff. As a kid I was so into the Christopher Lee Hammer flicks. I LOVED Blood Ties from last year. Didn't get too into Moonlight (I mean wtf? Vampires running around during the day? I don't think so). Now I am hooked on HBO's True Blood. I hope Twilight is as good as some say. I may just have to go to the movies. :)

RAD said...

I have so many freinds hooked on true blood too! I need to see it when its released on DVD for sure!!!

Greg said...

I read a little bit about the book and can't see the difference between it and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (high schooler falls in lover with a vampire).