Friday, December 05, 2008

Another Day Of Survival

So another day on the job and another weekend is about to start...thank heavens, I am so ready for it....Work has been really difficult as there has been lots of lay offs and alot of stress in the office. It seems not a day goes by that you have a feeling they may let you go. They have been advising us that we are the skeleton crew that they HOPE will get the company through the storm....But then each day you notice one less person that has been release of there duties. Pretty soon there wont be any workers. We are all pulling 3 jobs at once with the small crew we have left.... So it has been a strange and sad time for me at work. I keep telling myself that what happens, happens and that I will survive as I am a survivor but it still eats at your nerves a bit. I talked to a friend that works for one of the school districts in the area and if something does happen I will be headed to a school/govt job......My career and time in the retail, sales and travel arena might be just coming to an end soon.....


ZenDenizen said...

I hope your company doesn't do what mine did - i.e. lay off people and hire them back as contractors sans benefits :(

Mark in DE said...

Its a difficult time in the US. People who still have jobs should feel fortunate and should do as good a job as possible so that when lay-offs occur they will be less likely to get laid off.

Hang in there!

Mark :-)