Friday, December 05, 2008

Happy BIRTHDAY To my Kids!

Today 12-5 is my 2 kids-- Maile and Alikas 7th Birthday! I am going to get them some nice new bones on the way home today and they will get a special soft can food dinner..they are going to live large tonite!!

Alika Boy

Maile Girl


A Lewis said...

What? No birthday cake? No party at Chuck-E-Cheese?

MAC said...

OMG!!! Years ago Hubby and I had 3 Shih Tzus (insert stereotypical gay joke here). One of the females was identical to your babies. One day, she was in the backyard and the wind blew the gate open. Sadly she was hit by a car. She was such a special dog. Thanks for bringing back such a wonderful memory!!!

CJ said...

Awwwwww They are too precious. They deserve a little steamed rice and raw ground beef.

Mark in DE said...


Mark :-)