Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Years Traditions
Movie and Chinese
Hubby and I have had a tradition for New Years day.  We go to a movie and we usually try to see some sort of epic movie or something special to start off the year and this year we saved MILK for our special New Years day movie... After the movie we then we go out for Chinese at our fave Chinese joint Hongs.....We did this tradition for many years on our own ( I think this is year 11 or is it 12?  WOW!) We missed the tradition only last year due to weather but anyhow a few years ago we opened it up for a few friends and it was special for us and thought this movie would be perfect for us and the other couple for this years tradition--as they are family too....So today they broke this little tradition and called to bail on us to go see Twilight which I think is sorta lame....Ok maybe only a little lame as maybe more disappointing to us than anything....I know they will read this entry and choke on a hairball but but truth be told I guess we just have to understand that they invited fam over for the holiday and promised the tween to go see Twilight for the very same day I lets just leave it as it is super sad to have them break a tradition with us that they knowingly know we do each and every year.     Oh well I think its just another sign as you know what they say---they way you bring in the year is sorta the forecast for the year...... So it will change back again to an exclusive day just between us lovers today!!  They asked to join for Chinese later but will see if that even pans out.  I doubt it.

So I posted my plan and about my tradition on my facebook this morning and got allot of --Bring the tissues for the movie!!!  So I will have to bring some big time as I am such a crier already....Shit......I cry on touching commercials on TV!   So I am excited to see the movie! Nice way to bring in the year with a good cry and a movie that moves you!  Perfect! 

Well cowboys and cowgals too---Happy New Years Day to you! Lets hope this year is good to all of us!  Giddy Up its 2009!!!

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Mark in DE said...

Spouse & I went to see Milk on New Years Day, too! We really loved it. Its fun to think that you and hubby were doing the same thing on the same day.