Friday, January 02, 2009

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole- Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Great song as we head into another year---Another year over the rainbow. I hope its a good one for all of us. This song hits you doesnt it...I Love my Iz! We saw MILK yesterday and was moved with so many emotions and I dont even know where to start, I just hope it takes many awards and thus alot of folks go and see it who normally would not go and see it.... Today is a day of rest....well sort of ....take down the Christmas decor and give the house a good New Year Cleaning....much like spring cleaning......New Linens and all that! Nothing like a clean fresh house with new linens! Also woke up to snow AGAIN today! I am so over the snow but at least it was just a it is pretty! Hope you enjoy the song....His music has become so great for a Hawaiian artist...He is in our Hawaiian hearts.....Check out his music sometime if you havent already done so.......and skip over the Don Ho......he is what real Hawaian music is all about....He does covers yes......but ALOT of Hawaiian as well ---his music is truly  SPECIAL.


Bob said...

Thanks for playing that song. I love all renditions, but this has to be one of my favorites.

Scooter said...

This song always reminds me of a dear friend...and I smile when I hear it. Thanks fro bringing it back. :)

Mark in DE said...

Good luck with your Christmas UN-decorating and cleaning! Happy New Year.