Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beach Time Yet?
Bryan Thomas Style...
Is it time to hit the beach already? Or at least the coast? I needed some incentive today to get ready for some sunshine...and sexy man Bryan Thomas hits that spot well! These pics look like they were taken on the Washington or Oregon Coast -- Now If I ran into Bryan in his square cut speedo below as I took the trail turn while taking my beach stroll....My jaw would drop....dang!.....He is such a good hot looking man! I love the top photo too as it reminds me of how the hubby and I prefer to dress in the sun and makes me excited to wear some shorts and again and break out all my cool slippas ( I think some of you may call them thongs-flip flops or sandals)....I call them slippas!! My feet are so ready to see the light!

I really love the fact that Bryan is a natural body builder and doesn't believe in all the crap enhancers and chems most guys use these days to get big and buffed...Check out his blog you can see more hot hot hot and hot pics!!!


A Lewis said...

Should I tell you that I've already been to one of our nudie beaches...last Monday when we had great weather!

MAC said...


Mark in DE said...

I also like the fact that Bryan is a natural bodybuilder. Love that furry chest and tight bod!

WAT said...

Bryan Thomas is exceptionally good looking.

I'm going to get rid of all my mirrors now.

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