Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kate Gosselin
Sorry Kate you have the bad hair dew of the week!

So I have to admit I am a fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8 and through the years I get to channel surfing and all of a sudden I find myself stuck on TLC and this great show. I just adore the Gosselin's. They really remind me of my home growing up--Less 2 kids...we had 4 of us all that was all a year apart. I love how Kate is organized and Jon is Jon and generally how they run the house and there lives. It reminds me of my parents. I love the fact that the kids are all super cute and they are Hapa Haole ---as am I. My mom loves the show as well as it reminds of her of our family as well and mentions the similarities all the time. How can you not adore those kids-- I have a special like for Aaden the professor and Alexis....but all the little ones are so darn cute....I do think Mady is kinda a brat....I hope she grows out of that....Lately there has been some scandals with Jon and I think that has passed......I just hope they return to TV soon.

Now I'm not one to judge......ok I am......But I came across this photo of dear Kate.....And I have to say this-- WTF is she thinking with this hair? I like the bang action but that action in back is so wrong.....Sorry Kate! Kate you get the bad dew of the week!


ZenDenizen said...

What a guilty pleasure that show is! Jon is always so comatose, lol

Anonymous said...

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