Sunday, June 06, 2010

The "Uncle"
So quite a few e mails from you fellas about the post below on my "uncle" ...First of all here is the post Here I guess I did not elaborate much on it or maybe I did but I could not find the post I thought I had written....So here goes.

When we moved to Seattle in 1980 my dad started the police academy in Shelton after leaving the Honolulu Police he wanted to be with the Seattle force. He made a few friends from the academy and it was normal for them to come over and hang out at the house on weekends and or breaks from school ---They would have dinner, play poker, BBQ, and drink beer etc. I was 14 going on 15 at the time. There was one "uncle" in particular that would pay attention to all the kids and I thought he was just the best guy. He really was one of my first real man crushes now that I think back but at the time I knew nothing about what this "crush" or the "feelings" meant.... you know what I mean? I just knew he made me feel good when he was around. Heck I didn't even know I was gay.......let alone what gay was.....I just knew I had feelings for guys that was not suppose to normal to feel and I hoped that one day it would hopefully just go away.... As it was wrong to think of guys in the way I did.

Uncle hot cop kinda resembled the man in the pic.......less the tats. So he would hang out and play with us kids--dodge ball and basket ball as we had a BB court at home. I loved to play BB with him and we would play into the warm evenings when he came over....he was just a cool guy and I was happy to hang with a dude! On one of his visits he came by with a big box of King Crab from Alaska (as he was from AK originally/now in Seattle to be a cop) Dad put some steaks on the grill.... mom made her famous salad.... and the neighbors were over with other fixings and like other times everyone got together and they all drank beer, wine ate pupus and we all had a good time at a BBQ.... and as usual he would horse play with us kids throughout the day. It was just normal horse play... like to hold you down, fake choke you and make you cry "Uncle".. tickle you to death ....and throw ya around in the yard and play chase and race...silly fun stuff!

That evening after dinner he and I started horsing around in the living room and started wrestling...this was normal but on this night he was being really rough! I remember he got me really mad and angry and I recall how everyone was laughing at how mad and 'Red" I got with anger. The more he laughed the more angry I got as he was holding and pinning me down and holding me hard in body locks just like a pretzel! He was pretty hairy and then he started rubbing his whisker face on my face, neck and chest...HARD! thus giving me major hair burns all over! He really enjoyed making me scream and squirm! My mom, dad, friends and other kids laughed as this was normal for me and my uncle to horse around.....

Well something was different this time though..... and as we continued wrestling I developed and then got a major woody! And then I started to feel he had one too! All I remember is that we wrestled for a very LONG time that night after was alot of rubbing and such against each these days I would call that foreplay...LOL!! I also remember how we would cool down and catch our breaths in each other arms so our "ahems" would conceal a bit and we did this a few times...... So it was a very hot time.... I was sorta confused but I knew at that point what was going on....and I liked it ALOT..... And he knew I knew if you know what I mean...

So "Uncle" spent the night this night---as he had done so on many other occasions as dad didn't want him driving home after drinking. And so on this very night I kissed my first man. I remember it very well. He asked me If I knew how to kiss and I told him "no" and so he "taught" me. That's all that happened and then about a month later I had my true first experience with a man....we did not have sex but everything else if you know what I mean.... Then NOTHING ever happened again and he stopped coming by after this night to visit. I didn't ask about him to my dad either. I missed him and thought about him when I was alone and such for awhile but I was young and I was in a new school and was preoccupied with all that and then I was into this whole new guy anyhow......which helped me forget him ...And I had girlfriends that I was trying to pursue- it was a busy time for me..

Weeks later... my dad and my "uncle" graduated from the police academy and I saw him there and shook his hand....And we smiled at each other....but I never saw or heard form him again....Nor did I ever think to contact him......I guest we both just knew it was a no no what had happened --it was taboo....and I knew it was best for me to bury it and make like it never happened......We did that often us early gays! LOL .... I really don't think it was a case of molestation either... so please don't even go there. I think one of the reasons he beelined out of our lives is that he felt he had wronged me and my family by what had happened between us what we shared....He felt guilty is my guess when I look back now......My dad told me years later he heard he got married and had moved to Oregon.... I do have a photo of him still...... its my dads police academy grad photo and he is wearing cop mirror shades in the pic......very Chips.....he is the only guy in shades in the class pic ....its kinda funny!

I do wonder what happen to him....I would love to tell him how that encounter meant so much to me...