Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rads Summer Music Picks....
There is always a summer time album or I guess you would call it a release these days that represents my summer. This summer I am listening to ALOT of music with all the killer music that has been released. As always a few really stand out as my pick for the one that will represent and remind me of the summer of 2010.

I think I am going to call my fave and my pick this summer is Kylie's---Aphrodite.... I like EVERY song! Its on major heavy rotation at my pad that's for sure...So Kylie is the pick when it comes to a full release hands down......Running a close 2nd is Christina Aguileras-Bionic.....A very hard, rough and sassy endeavor for her! I LOVE how she is all "BITCH" mode on this one! Sounds like my "tude" these days... so its all good.... Love so many of the songs but Vanity is by far my fave- its HOT! As she says at the end of the song...."going strong- lets us not forget who owns the throne!" I Love it!

I am also trying to get into the new Scissor Sisters/Night Work and my fave Enrique Iglesias Euphoria...Have a few faves on each release there......and then there is that damm Katy Perry California Girl ear worm that has taken over the fricken planet and will most likely be the official song of summer....I heard it has been number one for 7 weeks! WTF!! Hubby refuses to download it which is fine as you hear it everywhere anyhow....I know so many people that hate it...But give them a drink and you can be sure their asses will shake, rattle and roll ...and they know every word! LOL! damm earworms!

So looks like some DIVAS are my pick! Go Kylie! Go Christina!!

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Stephen said...

Good looking & great taste in music= winning combo!