Monday, August 16, 2010

Design Star
More like Design Bore and Snore this season!
I so agree with this fella! This show is making me flabbergasted this season! First I have to comment on the judges...I will always LOVE Candice Olson...She is my number one and I was happy when she joined the show and she can do no wrong.....Second...Why is Genvieve Gorder a judge? She seems nice enough but I have never seen anything that she has done that I have even liked on her show...So I don't know if she is even talented? Third.... Mr Vern Yip- why is this gay midget in such a bad pissy mood this year? Maybe the new kid is giving he and his partner some sleepless nights these days? Anyhow its seems strange that this is a Mark Brunett produced show......

I am going to say BRAVO to Bob at I Should Be Laughing for this statement as I could not have said it better about this season!

Dump these collaborative, food as inspiration, art as inspiration, bread baskets as inspiration, souvenirs as inspiration challenges. If these design tests are supposed to show how they can design and host their own show, have them do their own designs. All this group work this season is/was a train wreck.

yep yep yep! INDEED!

For me.....I have to say I was just not impressed with the picks or sure any of the contestants this season was at all talented? I think it was maybe due to us not being able to see any talent with the way they had the challenges set. I am just glad Courtland was axed last week! Cortland just had a big head and big motor mouth that never seemed to shut the fuck up. Last night was a goodbye to Lauren of the top three. I really kinda wanted Laureen and Emily in the end as I wanted Michael to get the boot....he is another one like Courtland that kinda worked and got on my last nerve.......He reminds me of a prissy gay elf...and not a good gay elf! So now we have Emily and her quirky styles and quirly self....I am going with her for my pick to win......Not so much for talent but because I want Michelle I mean Michael to cry like a bitch.

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Anonymous said...

I gave up after the first show...uggg.

Steven Anthony
Man Dish~Metro Style