Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vampire Love
True Blood=True Hotness
True Blood mania is all around us these days! Top is the cover of Rolling Stone that I would prefer--Sorry Sookie but I do love you too but......lower is actual cover......tee he he. Its crazy how True is just in its third season and its even more popular than ever! Not only is the show hot as ever but the humor seems to have increased and its gotten more funny quotes and references in its 3rd season...its just a great show! I LOVE YOU Alan Ball! You create and write some wonderful shows man! True took my Six Feet Under void when that show ended!

Just saw Anna Paquin on Graham Norton this week-- Oh Sookie!!! I didn't know she was the little girl from the movie The Piano! Did you? She actually won an Oscar at 14 for it. How very cool! I have to note as I have said many times in this blog...Mr Graham Norton rules!

All the boys on True are hot hot and hot.... Holla and shout out to Mr Jason Stackhouse! But of course I have the BIGGEST damm crush on Alexander Skarsgard who plays Eric...He is SO MY TYPE! I can watch and look at him all day fricken sexy! Did you know Alex was up for sexiest Vampire at Comic Con last month? Against all the hot vampires we want to suck us dry....Like Mr Paul Wesly--who I adore on Vampire Diary's along with his hot bro Ian Somerhalder!! Whoo wee! Paul actually won.. I love ya Paul but I think my Alex was robbed... It funny how all these boys have been posted several time on this blog....Love me a vampire!

Ahhhh....So many vampires and so little time..LOve them all....but hands down Alexander Skarsguard is the vamp I would choose anytime, anyplace, and any day! He can be my maker!

Actual RS cover this week.

pretty cool!


Anonymous said...

You know I love me some true blood...actully my fav is Sam, the shape shifter, gawd he is hot.

Steven Anthony
Man Dish~Metro Style

Ray's Cowboy said...

love the show. i saw the cover earlier and fell in love witht the first one as well then I saw the real one. Still love the first one. I love the show when it first came on along time ago, still going strong for me.

Deeper Daze said...

I LOVE True Blood! and tonight's on!

Anonymous said...