Friday, July 29, 2011

And they call him
More here.... Oh Reichen!!! I think he likes the attention though....


Anonymous said...

I thought he looked good, as he said about Austin lkast season, I wouldnt throw him out of bed for eating crackers ;)

BosGuy said...

I posted a picture of him back over the 4th and tweeted out a few more. He was in Provincetown for the holiday. I will admit he is very handsome, but not really any more attractive than several thousand other guys I saw there.

After watching a few episodes from the A-List first season, my assumption is he's not that interesting of a person - then again, maybe they edited the show to make him seem only one-dimensional.

Sweet abs though... I'm shallow enough that a guy with a killer body could hold my attention at least for a couple of hours.


A Lewis said...

Isn't Uniball a Pen??