Friday, July 29, 2011

MAJOR Guilty Pleasure!!!
A List New York Season 2

Oh Mylanta! The boys are back for round 2 and if the first episode this last week is any indication its going to be a wild, fun and crazy season! Already I had to crack up about Reichens Uni ball (see below post).

I am sure the boys wont disappoint and bring us all the drama again...Shout out to all of them! Muwah!!

One thing I have to say--Ditch the bitch! " Nyasha" --More like get her ass OUT! I think she needs to pack up and head back to her sardine can... I hope Austin gives her so much shit! I want to see the beyotch cry and get so wrecked! I hope they just put her on so the boys can just rip her apart! LOL! I know Rad can be so mean! Check it out if you have not done so! THE A LIST NY On LOGO!!! Now this is entertainment! Ha!


queer heaven said...

Hey Rad! I could not agree with you more! Who needs that Fake bitchy woman on. Austin was great when he put her down.

Anonymous said...

OMG I agree...she needs to go, her being in the mix makes no sense....and she isnt funny.